Time flies when you’re having fun…

A lot of my spare time in the past year has been taken up by my new sport/hobby. Roller derby. Yep, that crazy skating-contact sport that was in the film Whip It (although it’s not really like that, I’ve learnt). I have training 3 times a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday with varying things happening at them. We’ve just come back from the ‘off season’ and everyone has realised that we’re not as fit as we were before we stopped regular training. The off season was great and I really enjoyed it but now it’s back to drills and scrims and feeling like my legs want to give up. (I started a blog to document my experiences here)

Work has been going okay. I failed an exam that everyone else in my intern cohort passed so I was pretty bummed about that for awhile but I had roller derby to help me through it (hitting people is always a good way to relieve anger…) and the skaters on my team are also lovely when that kind of thing happens. I got an intern who I’m sort of mentoring but is technically assigned to a different sub-team within our general team so some of our work doesn’t cross over and she has to get work from her manager and not me. But it’s all been going fine, so far. I’ve been given more responsibility and projects and it’s a busy time right now so I’m not feeling too bored or stuck.


Graduation and life after

I’m now officially a graduand (apparently that’s the term for someone who has finished exams but hasn’t officially graduated yet) and life is quite calm at the moment. I recently found out that I have a job that I will start in September (which I’m super happy about, it’s hard to get a job and it’s been a long road) and it’s more or less a perfect job for me (if I choose to accept the offer) and I just got my results today saying that I’ve passed and will graduate in July so I’m pretty happy right now 🙂

During this past year, I’ve had a feeling of uncertainty about everything. I wasn’t sure if I’d get a job or if I would graduate, but now I seem to have both things more or less waiting for me. In March after I got my first semester results I was really upset and down about everything since I’d also been rejected from three jobs by then too, and the future looked pretty bleak. I wanted to crawl into my bed and never go outside into the real world again. I was (am) lucky that I have my friends and family who were (and still are) exceptionally supportive and my personal cheer squad. There have been times where I wanted to throw in the towel and my friends would tell me not to give up, that they would have done the extra year with me had they been able to and that they thought it was a great thing for me to be doing. I’m grateful to all of them for sticking by me throughout everything, I don’t think I would have come this far without them, and I certainly wouldn’t feel so happy that I have if they weren’t there to share this with me.

tldr: I have a job offer, am going to graduate soon and am very lucky to have people who have been there for me during this tough year.

Now it’s on to the future and whatever new adventures this new job (or something else) hold for me.

When life gives you lemons?

I love lemons. Anything lemon flavoured I’ll eat almost definitely. I can eat lemon curd out of the jar, without bread or cake or whatever. I just scoop it out with a spoon and eat it. It makes me feel so good.

On that topic, I think life has given me some lemons lately. Although I’m not sure they’re lemons because…well, I guess they’re not major problems but they feel like it. I’m just busier than normal. Way busier than I was last year, if that’s even possible. I had an assessment centre on Wednesday (which I failed, sadly) and have tutoring once a week at one school and once a week at another school but they’re done by two different organisations. One where I get paid and one where I don’t. The kids are vastly different at each though, the school where I don’t get paid has the smarter kids, they’re on A/A* grades whilst the other school is on C, possibly B if they tried really hard. I do love tutoring though, it’s so great when they get a topic and they look so happy when they can do something which they thought was hard but isn’t really. However for the school where I don’t get paid, I have to do extra training because I’m working towards a qualification which I should hopefully get in March and will look good if I ever decide to go into teaching (which is weirdly enough the job that the assessment centre was for…) but I have a ton of that training to do and other administrative stuff to do for that. What have I signed up for?

Add to that coursework, project work and general things that I need to do before the semester ends in three weeks. Three weeks. Where has the time gone?! Am I getting old already?

Guess it’s time to make some lemonade!