Musings or complaints?

I got two job rejections yesterday. That shouldn’t be so surprising to me nowadays but it still makes me really upset. One was because I can’t do group interviews. I just freak out and nerves take over and someone who’s more talkative ends up going through to the next round even if I could be a better worker :/ Any tips for getting better at that?

I spent a lot of this morning reading articles/blogs on LinkedIn and some of them are inspiring, or they’re informative. The ones I think are funny (or strange? annoying?) are the ones about candidates and recruiters. One said that it’s a candidate’s market and they can choose a job, and that recruiters had to cater to them. I have seen nothing of that sort. At all. Maybe that’s just how it is in the UK? Sometimes I feel like recruiters here don’t understand candidates, or maybe vice versa or even both? I know what recruiters want, and most of the time the thing I don’t have is usually speaking up in a group exercise (is that a quantifiable thing?) or knowledge/passion for the company. If a candidate makes >100 applications, what are the chances that they actually want to work for you? We’ve been told to only apply to a few places and then you can do those applications really well, but what if they all backfire? Then you’ve only applied to a few jobs and have nothing else. It’ll feel like you’ve wasted a lot of time and energy, especially when you really do want to work for a particular company and they don’t take you past the first round. Maybe there is something wrong with you as a candidate, but it doesn’t make anyone feel any better when an employer turns them down after spending hours on the application. They take a few minutes, possibly less to read and make a decision and I know they have lots of applications to go through, but I feel like it’s a tall order to be asking for so much from an applicant who has so many other things to be doing (university work, paid work, volunteering, sports, societies…).

Another thing is that we have to plan for the future. Right now. At this very second that I’m typing this out. It’s really interesting when I tell people I’m final year and am not quite sure what I want to do yet. They give me this funny look, as if to say, well what have you been doing for the past few years? I’ve done a fair bit of stuff, thank you very much. I even read a blog by the careers service at my uni which said that you don’t have to know what you want to do just yet…and yet whenever you tell someone that they think you’re crazy. Please pick a side! How can they call us indecisive when they can’t decide if having a plan is good or not? When I started uni I wanted to be a banker. I joined the trading and investment society, made my way onto the committee and got a spring week in a bank. That opened my eyes to banking. I didn’t particularly like the people. The work was fine, the people not so much. I decided banking wasn’t for me and turned to finance. Tax, more specifically because I’m methodical and detail-orientated and like to know the really boring (not to me) and smallest details of everything. I need to know how things work and how to get around things. I don’t even know if I want to do that anymore. I want to travel, teach English and just live somewhere else for awhile. I spent the summer working in hospitality, I probably couldn’t do that for the rest of my life but who knows? I’m good at hospitality, I know what the guest/customer wants and I know how to get it to them. A lot of people I’ve met shouldn’t be in hospitality, or just customer service. Sure, I may not be too confident in a group situation but at the end of it, I could be better with the client than them because I know how to take a step back and let the client speak and actually listen to their concerns. I’m a good listener. I think. I listen to my friends, my younger sister, my parents, kids I tutor, people at uni, people at work. I listen to everything and everyone, but there’s no job like that, unfortunately (I suppose a therapist is the closest?). I attempt to retain everything too, I’ve had to pretend many times that I’ve just met someone when I actually met them a year ago at some uni thing which they forgot but I didn’t. Is that creepy? I don’t think so…I just like to remember the people I meet and how I met them. Especially if I’ve met them a few times and they still don’t remember me. Maybe that’s the world trying to tell me that I need to change? Is it me that’s the problem?

I’m thinking too much about this, I have so much uni work to do and yet I spend a lot of time just thinking. Ah, if only I could spend all my time thinking about maths :/


Unhappy but happy times :/

So I’m unhappy, and I just realised how whiney this post will be despite the fact I should have outgrown teenage rants by now (although I’ve got a little bit of time left…). 

I didn’t get the job for the interview I went for, which has happened before to me and lots of my friends but I was so close to this one. I was at the last hurdle and there were only 13 of us that day! I should have got something from the 6 interviews I had! 

Okay, rant over. I’m actually a little happy as I went to a presentation yesterday about working at Uni once freshers starts. I’m super excited for this as I get to meet lots of international students and I get paid to have fun 😀 We had a scavenger hunt but it was more like a 10 minute intense quiz which was actually really fun. I love dingbats. There were two and my group’s assessor said if there was a job with them, I would be hired. Sadly no job exists for that. I had an unfair advantage being a home student though, not many international students know what they are. We get a hoodie and t-shirt too! I don’t know why I’m so excited about this…it’s not until September but I’m so eager to start now!

And yesterday I got free chocolate 😀 We run these mentor-type session things at uni, with 2nd and 3rd years as ‘leaders’ and our group bought chocolate for myself and my two co-leaders. It was really sweet of them. I now have a giant bar of galaxy, a wispa bar and a flake…we bought them chocolate too, to say thanks for coming but the fact that they thought about us was really sweet. I’m going to miss those sessions.

On an unrelated note, I will try and post more study china pictures in the next post and thank you to the new followers 😀


Unlike most of my previous posts, this one is more of a deep and insightful (I guess) one.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, having had an insane amount of time to kill whilst travelling and it makes me feel old for some reason. I’ve just realised how old I am…how old I’m going to be on my next birthday which makes me sound like some spoiled brat not wanting to grow up. I’m all for growing up, I know I can’t be a kid forever (as hard as I might try) because I’ll have to get a job, buy a house, get married, have kids and so on. Every Boxing Day (save for last year) when my family goes to visit my best friend’s, our dads always act like children. And her mum is very, very competitive. So much so that sometimes we feel like the adults and our parents are the kids. So do we ever have to ‘grow up’?

Another thought was about jobs, as grown up as that sounds. I’m at university at the moment and most of my friends are worrying about what to do after we graduate. Some have internships because they want to go into something specific like banking or consulting, or just want a shot at getting the job at the end of it. Others are set on teaching and some, like me, just aren’t really sure yet. I’d like an internship, it would be nice to get a feel of the working world and if it’s really for me. And if I get a job on the back of that, why would I complain? Then I get told that we’re too young to start thinking about our careers…but then a lecturer will say to start thinking now (sometimes, they go ‘start thinking from now’) which is confusing and fine for them as they already have a pretty safe job. Who would fire a lecturer? I mean, if they haven’t retired it’d be hard to fire them as they’ve been there for so long, and we would all miss their musings about the good old days. I guess this was brought on because I have an assessment centre tomorrow and *fingers crossed* I’ll do well and have a chance at something when I graduate. It doesn’t stop me being nervous, even though I’ve been told it’s ‘strength-based interviews only’ and it’s a fast-track so I have a first shot at this compared to other people who have to wait until applications officially open. I don’t think I’ve been this worried about interviews since applying to University…

Ah, University. Four years of my life studying a subject I love with a random language module here and there. Sometimes I wonder if I should have chosen to study a joint honours course with a language because then I could be so much better at the language and could go abroad for a year. To somewhere cool like Japan…that would be awesome. I’m taking a Japanese module at the moment and am very envious of my friend who’s going to Japan next year! But then I’m also glad I do a single honours course as I get to study it in much more depth, and have a slightly more stable group of friends instead of having a set in each faculty but not knowing them as well as I’d like to. My current friends are great. We have great banter and it being a male-dominated course, lots of guys in our group. Last year we noted that we should find more girls to join our group, but as there aren’t that many and they all stick together, it hasn’t happened.


Yeah, this was quite random and somewhat very deep for me. My friends would not recognise this as me :/