Presenting my presentation skills?

On Wednesday I did some work for university, well, sort of for the university and it was sort of scary. A lot of my posts are about me being introverted and so I signed up for ‘revision skills’ presentations to get out of my comfort zone. I’m a student ambassador at university and signed up for a program within student ambassadors which is run with another university nearby where we go to schools and colleges (sixth form) and promote higher education to the pupils, sometimes as young as year 8. One of the newer things is going to visit year 11’s in schools and talk about revision.

To be honest, I’m not very good at presentations, the last presentation I did was in first year about a virtual fund and why we invested in the companies that we did and I had virtually no knowledge on the finance industry. I survived that and I have no idea how, but I put it down to my first year ‘syndrome’ where I signed up for everything and anything and did things that I wouldn’t normally do. I went to a finance conference with nobody I knew except for one person. By the end of that weekend I had made a dozen friends from universities across the country so that was great. I wonder if getting older has made me do less reckless things? I’ll have to try and find some crazy things to do.

On Wednesday I was nervous (but not so much that I wanted to be sick) and fortunately one of the staff members was with me so he did a lot of the talking which was a relief. I did most of the talking about revision strategies as I’m still at uni whilst the staff member graduated 6 years ago so he doesn’t have to do any revision anymore. Lucky. There were meant to be 3 ambassadors but 2 dropped out so it was just me and the staff member as he didn’t want me to do the presentation by myself, in front of nearly 200 year 11’s, which I’m grateful for. I didn’t do too badly, if I say so myself, I did stumble a few times and started talking really quickly but hopefully I’ll get better as I do more of them. It wasn’t too bad for my first presentation and I know what to do for the future ones, and hopefully this’ll help in the future. If I can get through a presentation about revision of all things to a group of year 11’s, normal presentations should eventually become easier, right?

Step one of attempting to be more extroverted – check.

Just have to make a step two…


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