Final year

Final year is in full swing. I feel so old all of a sudden. Why are there so many freshers around? They’re all so small and dress so weirdly…argh, it’s making me feel ancient 😦 On the plus side, I had an eventful first two weeks back in the UK (and a third not so eventful one). The first was spent working, a mere five days after I had landed back in the UK – most of the week was spent recovering from being ill though. I spend three months in America and am totally fine but when I get home I get ill. Typical. Work was fine though. I was a team leader this time which was interesting, there’s a bit more responsibility than the others but it wasn’t too much extra. Although one day I got a phone call at 10.30pm when the two working the late shift didn’t know what to do with the box (it has the phone and other important stuff in) but we eventually got a solution. That was on the second day too, my first day as the leader…

The second week was officially freshers and I missed it because one of my best friends from school and I booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris. We had been with school about four and a half years ago and decided to go back and be children again, now that we’re ‘adults’. I’m going to do an entire post on it as we did a lot of stuff.

I still have posts about America to do and put up the photos – I took a lot of them, my friend took over 100 photos in 14 days when she went to Hong Kong but I took that many alone in Boston when I was there for 2 days! (They’re not all good though, only the good ones made the cut to the flickr album :P)


4 thoughts on “Final year

  1. nanaaj says:

    Freshers looking at you shyly and looking so determined and lost make me feel like a grandma in the university. As they say, final year, make it count.I love that you and your friends are having some good fun on your own terms.Enjoy the ride!

    • Thank you! Number 6 is currently my life since I have to further clarify that I’m a 4th year and not a 3rd year so all the freshers look at me like I’m crazy 😛

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