The past two days have been spent in Boston as they were my last two days off before I leave here. I really really wanted to go and see the Red Sox (which I have done and bought the cap and hoodie!) so convinced a girl at work to go with me. We both had such an awesome time! There is virtually no baseball in the UK (there’s cricket but that’s not the same, at all). Nearly everyone has heard of baseball but no one really knows how it’s played or anything like that but I wasn’t too lost when we went. It took a long time though, we didn’t leave until after 11pm! The atmosphere was crazy though, and it’s something I won’t forget. We also visited Chinatown and I got food which was like something my auntie would make. It was yummy. We also went on a trolley tour around Boston and saw most of the sights, we went past MIT and we went on a harbour cruise too which was fun. I’m pretty sure nearly every city I go to that has a cruise I have been on it, I don’t know why but I always end up on them. Another boat passed ours and made waves, as in actual waves. The boat was rocking and some people sat down because it was making them queasy. I also finally tried a lobster roll and the meat was sooo good. Didn’t need the bread roll or the salad, I would have been happy with just the lobster. We went to Quincy Market and bought some touristy souvenirs and we took a lot of photos in the past two days. A lot. I must have taken over a hundred!

On top of that, after I finish work here I’m hoping to go visit some family in Atlanta who are then going to drive to Orlando the weekend that I’ll be visiting. Roadtrip time! 

It’s getting closer to going home, and two of my roommates have already left! It’s all very strange to hear everyone talking about what they’ll be doing when they’re back home and where they’re going to travel after they finish work. I’ve met a ton of great people (and not so great) but it’s been an awesome experience. I’ve gotten better at navigating (airports as well as places, we didn’t have a very good map in Boston) and surviving on public transport in a place where it’s virtually non-existent and walking everywhere even though it’s a little far and everyone tells me I’m crazy and should get a bike. I’ve gotten better at being able to talk to new people because I came here on my own and knew nobody, absolutely nobody. I met people who are from my university and even my homecity but I didn’t come here knowing them. I had to find them myself and start all over again, which I haven’t had to do since freshers week so it’s been good. I needed this. I needed to leave home for a bit and see the world, and also see how well I’d survive here without anyone and to see how everyone at home survived without me. It’s been pretty hard on my sister, she’s definitely missed me the most and this is the longest we’ve been apart (it used to be the three weeks I spent in China but this definitely tops that) and even though I lived in halls for the first year of university, I was only a bus ride away and not across the Atlantic Ocean. I hope it’s made her stronger too, she’s had a lot to cope with over the summer, being ill, getting a job, learning how to drive and generally surviving without her (awesome) big sister. She also has done pretty well on her AS-Levels so I’m proud of her for that too 😀 now I just have to motivate her to get herself in gear for applying to university.

This time next week I should be in Atlanta with my family. Here’s to my last two weeks here!


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