Let’s go to the beach beach…?

I’ve been here for nearly nine weeks now, and have just under three until I go back home and honestly, I can’t wait to go back home.

I’ve been working for eight and a half weeks and it’s been…interesting. Orientation (which was training) was very long and a bit tedious, as is most training and then I had another day of food and beverage specific training which was a bit more interesting as it related a bit more to what I do. I serve food at the beach, or at the pools which can be fun, and spending all day at the beach is fun. I have a nice tanline too! Which proves to everyone that I know that I CAN tan and I’m pretty dark too. Even the girls I work with think I’m getting dark! Although lately I’ve been working at the pools so my tan is fading a little, will have to go to the beach and top it up at somepoint.

Housing…housing…To be frank, it’s not great. I feel like I’m overpaying compared to some other people, which is annoying but I can’t do anything about it as there’s nowhere else to go and the landlady is very nice…I know for next year though, and I hope that HR sorts it out for next year so that other people know what they’re getting into. Housing in general for a lot of people is one of the main things that might stop them from coming back here next year, and probably the monotony of the job (and the small town atmosphere). I will give advice to anyone who has any questions about J-1 visas and will help to the best of my ability! I’ve been through all of the paperwork at the embassy, social security, bank accounts and travelling for insane amounts of time (probably not but it feels like a long time to me).

The people I work with are mostly nice, I’m the only English person working in the cabanas. There are (was) one American (he left for another job a few weeks ago), three Macedonians, three Bulgarians and two Jamaicans. Our supervisor is from Haiti but she’s been living here for the past 10 years so I’m not sure if she’s American or Haitian? Anyway, we all get along relatively well except two of them can get very bossy when we don’t have a supervisor around. It’s a little annoying but one of them might be in trouble because he insulted a guest in his own language, but one of the other guests could understand him and I think he’s getting reprimanded for that. I don’t know for sure what’s going on but he’s still working, his girlfriend is nice though. She said she enjoys working with me because we are both chilled out and not bossy, I don’t order her around and she doesn’t order me around. We have a new Romanian guy and one new Macedonian girl who work occasionally because they don’t have enough hours but they’re nice enough. It can get hectic at the beach sometimes, and even though we have 4 of us, there aren’t enough but hopefully there will be 5 at the weekends to ease the pressure a little. We also got into trouble because we haven’t been going around to take orders and the guests have to call us to order anything which they aren’t used to. If they haven’t noticed that there are only 4 of us but only 3 can serve at once and when it’s low tide the beach can span a pretty big area, even for 3 of us. I don’t know the guest for sure, I don’t think I’ve had to serve them but my supervisor is on our side and said we go around and do our work. Our manager (who’s head of food and beverage) says that he sees us working when he visits and when it’s low tide he thinks that doesn’t help because of the vast distance. It annoys me but I can’t do anything about it. Next week I’m working at the pools for 4 days which is good because I prefer the pools to the beach so hopefully the problems will be sorted out and I won’t get into anymore trouble because I did well on Friday at the pool. Good cash and good cash tips so they shouldn’t have much to complain about me. I hope.

I’ve been to the mall twice now. The first time I went was a few weeks ago but everyone had been and it took me 5 weeks to finally go. I went with a girl from work and bought some new shoes for myself 😀 they’re galaxy print and so cool, I’ve never seen them at home before. I’m going back to buy another pair of a different design because they’re cheaper and they have better designs here 😀 my friend bought work shoes and we went to McDonald’s for lunch. I got a habanero ranch quarter pounder which was really, really hot and it felt like I was on fire. I’m tempted to get it again…there was strawberry fanta which was nice mixed with sprite. Why isn’t there strawberry fanta in the UK? And for that matter, why isn’t there Minute Maid lemonade in the UK? It’s so nice!

I have also started to appreciate the public transport system back home too. It’s cheaper here which is nice, it costs $2 and you can go to a different town which is hours away but the buses only run once every hour so if you miss it…that’s it. At home there’s at least one every half an hour which I’m too used to so I hate waiting around for the buses. I end up going to Starbucks and drinking something whilst I wait for the bus. Last saturday I went to the bank and met one of the employees from the place I work and we became friends almost instantly. It was really funny but it’s a small town here so it’s easy to run into people who I work with (and the resort is very big, they have hundreds of employees during the summer) but I’ve never met before. He was telling me about himself and we then met another one of his friends on the bus on the way back. Small world!

On top of my work/travelling/experiencing America I have stuff to do for university too which is due fairly soon. I need to sort out some things for work in September plus choose my modules for next year which is a bit scary because it’ll be my final year! Most of my friends have graduated this year, which I missed because I’m in America but it’s nice and sad to see their photos on Facebook and see that they’re growing up and moving on with their lives. That’ll be me next year (hopefully!).

Finally, here are some of the photos I have taken in the past nine weeks. There are a lot of food and other strange things I’ve seen here. It will be updated soon once I filter through all the pictures.


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