Reading week

Finally some time off…or not. Reading week is when you’re meant to ‘read’ during the week and catch up on work that you haven’t done yet/revise for upcoming midterms (I have 2 but that’s nothing compared to some people who have 5 + coursework) but I also have a major essay due in the for 18th which is 50% of one of my modules so I need to get this right!

On a cheerier note, I’ve sort of moved on from my last post of teenage-ranting-ness and decided to alter my life to get what I want and not just be a bystander to ‘fate’ of some kind. If I don’t put effort into what I want, then I won’t get it. It won’t just come at me (as my dad likes to say).

So any ideas on how to be more outgoing/confident? I’m aware that it’s pretty hard to change overnight and it’s going to take time but hopefully by the time I’ll need it, I’ll have changed, even if just a little. I’ve already put one goal as speaking up more in class discussion for one module, as it’s not a big group, 15 at most so I’m going to start small and work my way up.

Another thing I read was that blogging is somehow another way of becoming more outgoing, does that seem true? The article said that you let your views out more freely as you aren’t telling people who you personally know (or maybe someone I know is actually reading this…) and that it somehow boosts your confidence. I don’t know if that’s true. Not believing it :/

That’s all for now, I’m going to try and post my thoughts every day to see if it actually helps me clear my head and become more productive with everything 😀 


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