So this post is a bit delayed, well, severely delayed. Many weekends ago (19th-21st July) I went to Deershed Festival, held in North Yorkshire because a society at uni was asked to help out at the machines tent. I had never been camping before and so had no idea what to pack, but somehow we found a sleeping bag in my house so I didn’t need to borrow one. I eventually managed to squish all of my stuff into a sports bag, one of my friends took a mini suitcase because it was easier for her to pack everything in and it was really cute. It only took about an hour and a half and they even organised a minivan to come and pick us up and take us to the park. When we got there they gave us wristbands which were our tickets, and a special pass so we could get backstage (we had the second highest level, only the organisers could go to more places than we could) and to our tents which they had put up for us already! They were really cute and supposed to fit 2 people but they gave us enough tents for one each so we didn’t have to sort out any problems with space. We even got meal vouchers for food too, it was really cool.

The next part was setting up our area in the tent, we had a small area in the corner where we set up the robots and laptops. We had 5 tables, 3 with laptops on so the kids could program the robots and 2 for demonstration robots. We had a snake that would leap up at you when you hovered over the ultrasonic sensors, the kids really, really loved that. Even if they didn’t understand how it worked, they almost always went to that robot first. They also really liked the dogsled robot, they seemed to get really excited when it would move across the table, which was very surprising. Some of them were really good at programming too, especially considering they were between 4-11, one little girl who couldn’t have been older than 3 managed to program a robot too! She was soo happy, it made it all worthwhile.

The guys on the stall next to use were using the exact same robots as us, but designed differently and hooked up to an xbox controller so it was like a remote controlled car. They were really nice, despite us having similar things to show the kids and lent us batteries and helped us when we had problems with our monkey robot. Yep, a monkey robot. We had two robotic puppies too that the kids loved, they are really cool though. My friend made a a rabbit too, which alot of the girls went for because it looked cute. It didn’t do much though, it just ‘hopped’ around the table.

When we weren’t at our stall, we got to look around the festival and see the music. The band on Friday wasn’t that good, but on Saturday the band (Darwin Deezer) wasn’t too bad. They danced every now and then and had some crazy lyrics, such as ‘life is a greenhouse gas’ and ‘I’m running out of DNA’ and they involved a lot of love and heartbreak. Some girls had come up to them asking about the band and when we finally googled who they were, my friends realised they had been sat next to them during lunch! Two of my friends went to them after they’d finished playing and got them to sign a plate (a paper plate) for us, if they ever become famous or anything like that.

On Sunday it got hectic after the festival had closed as we had to pack everything up and make sure we had everything. One of the organisers came to talk to us and he said ‘do you want a tent?’ and we were like ‘yeah, sure’ and he said ‘take them, we won’t be using them’ so a group of us had to rush back to the campsite and take all of the tents down. It wasn’t that easy, as they’re popup tents so we had to fold them a certain way to squish them into the bag. We finally got that done and by the time we did, our ride back home had arrived and we piled all of our stuff into the minivan and began the journey home.

It was definitely a great weekend, and I’m not sure if I’ll go camping in the future, but I’ve had my camping experience now!

I’ll post another post about the rest of summer, I feel like I haven’t done a lot and yet it seems to span two posts…hmmm :/


2 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. I’m glad you had a good weekend camping! 🙂 I have never heard of the Deer Shed festival but having looked it up I think I would have enjoyed it too, though I am a complete noob at camping! xx

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