Final days of Study China

So this will be the last post about Study China and I’ll combine the last few days into one, slightly long post. I’m actually surprised how long it took me to document this all, as it’s only 3 weeks and it’s been just over 3 months since I got back…but anyway. (it’s so late that the next lot of study china participants are coming home…)

After the trip out with our host family, we still hadn’t finished shopping and decided to return to the night market. This time I went with different people though, and I somehow ended up being the only girl going…which was weird, to say the least. Earlier in the day we had a presentation for our economics course which went okay as the professor asked us questions so I think that’s a good sign? At the night market we ate some Beijing hot yoghurt – yoghurt with honey but it’s warm so it’s really nice, and cheap. You have to return the pot though as one of my friends nearly walked away and the vendor went after him. I think I mentioned earlier that it’s slightly easier to haggle at the night market, but even so one of my friends didn’t think the prices were cheap enough when we were buying scarves. He managed to get a deal that we’d buy two scarves for 34 Yuan after getting it down from one scarf for 25 Yuan. I bought one for my mum, as did the others because they were pretty.


Outside Wangfujing near the night market.


The next day was our HSK 1 mock test, which everyone did well in and most people are planning to take sometime later this year. I scored 100 after many attempts (and so did a lot of other people) but my friend called me a know-it-all anyway (amongst some other inside joke names) and said ‘we’ve only known each other two weeks and we can already have all of this banter’ which I think that’s one of the great things about this (note: nobody was offended by any banter whatsoever). We’re thrown in with 50-something other people and live with them, see them every day so close friendships form really quickly. The graduation ceremony was good even if we had an awkward song but everyone loved it, there’s a video on YouTube somewhere but I won’t post it here…our Chinese teachers loved it and that’s what matters as they had spent lesson time helping us with the pronunciation. We then had a last meal with our group and Pan, who’s one of the student helpers. They were all so nice, and I’m so glad they were looking after us. After the meal we spent the last of our money on junk food and stationery to take back home before crowding in my friend’s room to watch movies. (We only managed Rush Hour before everyone decided to go to bed, although this was 1am by then)

And that’s all there is, the next day was my last and we all woke up at ridiculous hours of the morning to catch our flights and say goodbye. We were all a bit too sleepy to be emotional and alot of that had been dealt with at the graduation ceremony, especially with the volunteers who had put up with us for 3 weeks. 

And that’s that.


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