New Year’s Day

So this looks majorly confusing as it was Chinese New Year last week but I’m writing about New Year (1/1/13) whilst I was in China.

It was pretty cool actually. We had an organised trip to the Great Wall, and had been warned that it would be very, very cold. It was cold, but no colder than it had been, although we didn’t feel the full effect of that until the top of the wall. All of the pictures of people taken up there look like they are dying inside. My friend spilt some water on her jacket and it froze almost instantly.


This isn’t that high up but it felt like it, the steps were massive and some of the shorter girls had trouble. I had trouble on the way down because they were so uneven and had no railing, as well as the ice. But there were little kids running up and down, I wish I was younger so I could have done that too. A couple of tourists had some beer though! At 12pm in the morning! That was crazy.


The signs are great, I particularly like the one about not using a mobile phone, not sure if you can see. It says to not use one during a thunderstorm…

After the fairly tiring trip to the Great Wall, as it was New Year’s alot of us didn’t want to stay in and sleep the day away so a small group of us went to the ‘food street’. It’s near Wangfujing and felt so out of place with the huge, western style mall as it’s very hutong-esque. The food is cheap and great though, so I was glad I went. They had starfish and scorpions too! I didn’t try them though as some people had been ill after eating the starfish…there were also small shops to buy souvenirs so that was good for last minute shopping. Haggling was a big easier there too compared to silk market so it’s worth a trip if you want to save some money!




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