Happy New Year (Again)

So this post isn’t about China…except it is indirectly because last weekend was Chinese New Year! Yay! 新年快乐! (Happy New Year) My family went to my grandma’s house on Saturday for the pre-new year things, such as praying and having alot of food. That includes an entire pig, spring rolls, a dish that I don’t know the English translation for and hotpot! Not as extravagant as the hotpot in Beijing but it was less spicy and had lots of things that I’m used to like mushrooms and prawns (that sounds very boring actually).

Then on Sunday my Study China friends visited me and we went into town for the festivities as there’s a big Chinese community where I live. Chinatown was full of stalls where you could play games for prizes, buy small paper dragons, charms for good luck and of course, food! Mostly dim sum types of things and sweets and oranges as they’re for good luck too. There was the dragon that went around Chinatown and the nearby areas, and a variety show on in the ‘square’ as my friend called it, but it’s really the carpark as I explained to him…

We actually missed the fireworks, which I have been told were amazing and I’m annoyed we didn’t go, we were sat in a café catching up since study china so I’m not really annoyed but still. It was nice to see them again and to celebrate Chinese New Year with them, as we had all celebrated (Western? English?) New Year. The irony is that we did both in the wrong country…XD


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