New Year’s Eve

So my New Year’s Eve was pretty uneventful because it wasn’t Chinese New Year (but that’s happening this Sunday) and there weren’t many things happening. 

Since it was the last week of the programme my Mandarin lessons were revision, going over mock HSK 1 papers for our ‘exam’ on the Friday.

After that some people decided going to a New Year’s Eve party would be good (as British students we all needed some kind of clubbing) but I passed on that as it was cold and I didn’t want to pay £15 for a ticket! I can go clubbing for £5 normally so I felt it was a bit extortionate, especially for China. Although everyone who went had a great time, I’m glad I didn’t. Instead a small group of us went to the summer palace with one of our student volunteers as we thought we might be able to see fireworks or something, since we saw them preparing everything when we visited (see more sightseeing post). However this was sadly not the case as you needed a special sticker to get in and see the laser show, so we went for nothing. Except we didn’t, as we huddled in a McDonald’s until 11.50pm talking about ghost stories and what we had learnt so far on the programme. The ghost stories were great, as our student volunteer told my friend in Cantonese who then translated it back to English for us, but she got a bit freaked out as she only understood the story initially and the rest of us stared at her blankly. Let’s just say we didn’t get the bus home that night. Or any night after that.

But we had a group photo and bonded a bit more, the cold weather does that to you, and welcomed a new year with new people in a new country.


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