Temple of Heaven

So I forgot the past few days to write something, and I actually started some uni work…
After our uneventful few days of Christmas/Boxing Day and the day after, we decided to actually go somewhere slightly more touristy. The Temple of Heaven. I thought it was just a temple but no, it’s in a park. A big park. And there are lots of smaller temples but the one I thought of (and I suspect most people would) is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests.Image

The only problem was that it started to snow whilst we were there, so it got cold very quickly, coupled with the snow leftover from the days before made our experience a bit gloomier than we expected. We carried on walking through the park to the ‘Echo Wall’ where you can hear someone from the other side because of the echoes. I didn’t quite understand how it works as it’s not hugely big so you could probably hear someone without it. 

When the snow got heavier we decided to leave as the main part of the park closed at 5pm anyway and headed back to the silk market for last minute gifts. This time we haggled more than the first time, and were much better because we knew how to haggle. That doesn’t stop it from being awkward or uncomfortable when they want a ludicrous price and we didn’t budge from our normal one. It was still fun though and I bought what I needed so I wasn’t too bothered. However by this point we had been there almost two weeks and people were getting ill (flu, food poisoning – that’s for another post…) and I was much more tired than I had been so the haggling may have felt more tiring than it actually was.


2 thoughts on “Temple of Heaven

  1. I enjoyed the Temple of Heaven when I was there but we didn’t manage to get to the Echo Wall because the queue was too long! It’s great when haggling gets fun too, isn’t it? It’s a shame it’s not as rampant in the UK, haha.

    Anyway, I also wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. I’m going to China later this month so as well as being interesting, it’s also gearing me up nicely! 🙂

    • It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be but the benefit of going in the winter was that there were no queues! Everywhere was empty, but we went near closing time too so most people had left by then. I enjoy haggling in small doses, the local markets are more fun to haggle at and less stressful. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog 😀 I hope it doesn’t put you off with some of the stories I have!

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