So my plans of posting everyday sort of went down the drain yesterday because I’m sick so I just slept for the entire day so I’ll roll the post into this one and do Christmas and boxing day in one post.
Christmas day didn’t feel like Christmas at all. I had Mandarin lessons in the morning and an economics lecture in the afternoon and the lack of decorations didn’t help either. However, we all decided to go out for dinner and have Chinese for Christmas! We went to a relatively fancy restaurant and had duck, fish, some kind of dumplings and lots of great food! There were some steamed vegetables that were really soft and sweet too. The only awkward part was asking for more menus as the waiter didn’t speak English so we had to use a translation app to ask for us. Finding the place took slightly more effort than usual since I had no idea what the place looked like/was called in Chinese so if we got lost I couldn’t ask for directions but we found it thanks to our taxi driver who pointed at it for us! 😀

On Boxing Day we were taken to an acrobatic show, which was part of the programme and it was really cool. They were doing so many crazy stunts and it was so precise.


This is a sneaky photo as technically we weren’t supposed to take any in case it distracted the performers and even then some people still used flash! At least turn the flash off! The security guards had a laser to point at people who were using cameras and if you ignored them they told you to stop taking pictures. It’s understandable in case something happened but I snuck one in anyway.

We then went out clubbing as Wednesday is ‘ladies’ night so girls get free entry and free drinks that are on the list at the bar. Guys have to pay though! Sorry! We didn’t get too drunk though since we had lessons in the morning but it was good to experience clubbing in Beijing as opposed to the UK. Gangnam style still comes on though! It was a different way to spend Christmas and Boxing Day but I’m glad I got the opportunity to try something new.


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