Beijing Opera

On the third day we went to the Beijing Opera – something most of us probably wouldn’t have chosen to go to but this was included in the programme, and I’m actually kind of glad I went. It was everything I expected, intricate costumes, loud (high-pitched – especially the females) singing and a typical storyline (along the lines of period dramas) and I didn’t find it as horrible as lots of other people did. 



Sorry that the photo isn’t that great, my camera’s not that good – I will definitely take a better camera on my next trip abroad. You can just make out the brightly coloured costumes which are really…bright. And quite pretty too. The opera was about an hour which wasn’t as long as expected – apparently some can last up to 3 hours! I would recommend going to see it if you can, I have no idea of the cost though so if it’s not in budget then there are better things to do in Beijing 🙂


2 thoughts on “Beijing Opera

  1. Sounds intriguing! I think taking in a bit of the performing arts is one of the easiest ways to understand certain accepted notions about the place. Did you find that to be the case here?

    • Definitely! Chinese period dramas are really popular and the opera is really similar to that (besides the singing) but one of my Mandarin teachers said the younger generations aren’t as interested (she doesn’t particularly like it) so I think it’s becoming more of an older generations’ thing which is sad.

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