Once we had gotten over the jetlag and found our bearings, we decided to head out for Silk Street (or silk market) – which is one of the major tourist shopping places in Beijing. It has nearly everything there, clothes, jewellery, electronics, souvenirs, basically everything you really need. Haggling is a must though, especially when you can get everything cheaper elsewhere (save for a few things) and if you’re really not into haggling or think you can’t face it, either let someone else haggle or don’t look interested in anything. One of my friends bought some things because he wanted them but wasn’t that good at haggling whilst others were avoiding looking at anything as they’d be roped into buying it. 

The actual title of this post is ‘hotpot’ which is where we went after the experience at the silk market. It was recommended by one of our student volunteers on the programme and it was pretty good, and fairly cheap too! Image

For those who don’t know, hotpot is just a pot full of soup where you cook meat, vegetables and noodles. We had two soup stocks – one was really, really spicy and I learnt that the place we went to is known to be a spicy hotpot place, and the other was just tomato based. You order meat and vegetables that you want to cook and then you let it stew for awhile/until it’s cooked or in our case, until the waiters think it’s done. As we were a mostly foreign group they did almost everything for us, probably worried that we might poison ourselves or something but it made our lives easier after a hectic journey back from the silk market. They even gave us aprons to wear and a cloth to clean our glasses with as it steams up very fast, and it’s really easy to spill things on yourself. It was definitely worth the visit though as everyone on the trip went there at least once.

Also, thank you to my first follower! I hope you don’t get bored by my constant Beijing posts as that’s all I seem to talk about lately but thank you again! 😀


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