Olympic Stadium

I’ve noticed a sort of lack of chronology in the previous posts as I was just posting a random picture without a sense of time, not that it’s important but I should start posting chronologically. Image

On the second day there (the first was spent getting over jetlag…) we went to the Olympic Park, the Olympic rings are in the picture above. My friend has a picture of us sitting in them (even in the top ones) but I took one without people to just to say ‘I’ve been there’. Despite the snow it was still pretty amazing, the park is huge and there are some visitors even though it was Winter and very cold. It was even snowing when we were there! We were fairly fast going around the park though, about an hour although we didn’t go inside the stadium due to lack of time but I was glad I went during our 2 hour break (I thought they were being crazy at the time) as it was close to the University we were staying at.

Another picture tomorrow! 😀


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