So I found a topic called ‘postaday’ and it sounds interesting, although now is a bad time to try to post everyday as I have exams (ones that will actually make a difference to my life, sigh) but I’m going to try anyway, as I need a break from revision. I might post a picture each day from my recent trip to Beijing, any thoughts? Image

This is actually the one that’s my avatar, I took it at the Summer Palace. My friends and I just happened to go when it was sunset, which was really beautiful. The Palace isn’t a palace that you’d usually expect as there aren’t really any walls since it’s designed for summer and I went in the middle of winter so it was freezing! The lake was frozen too, which was an experience to walk on but I didn’t walk very far just in case I fell through. My friends were braver and walked across the lake from end to end and they’re still alive but oh well, I can do without living my life too dangerously.

Until tomorrow!


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