Hello world! (again)

Sorry about the lack of original title…my creative juices are reaching their limit.

I’ve recently been given the task of creating an online magazine – which was previously a one page newsletter and so all of my creative juices have been used trying to think of a name. And I still don’t have one. Although I now have some writers, and am working on the layout so I’m getting there. Yay! 

It’s actually really scary, I’ve never had this much responsibility before – it’s for a society at uni and so if I mess this up I’m in so much trouble. Although I guess I’ve got a bit of slack as it’s the first time anyone has tried this, and I don’t study marketing or have any design experience. I study Maths. Which isn’t really helpful at this moment in my life…but ah well. 

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just wanted to get my thoughts out to people who don’t know me (and so cannot yell at me to be working on it).

So, goodbye, world!


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